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Choral sheet music

In this small music shop you will find vocal arrangements for choirs and original songs.

These arrangements and songs are products of my work as musician and theatremaker.

Price:        non-commercial license* for one voice group (SSAA or SATB or other) - € 20 (+BTW 21%)

                * the use of this arrangement in comercial projects and sharing with the 3d party is not permitted

Package:   sheet music (PDF) and audioscore (MID) or the recordings of the vocal parts (MP3)

                   text and translation

                   pronunsiation audio - on request (where possible)

Delivery:   digitally

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Please mention the title and the voice groep(s) that you are interested in.


Songs from Scandinavia, Miditerranian region, Africa, Asia etc.

Click on the voices group (SSAA or SATB) to see a fragment of the score.   

Noches, noches /Spain/ - SSAA

Demo vocal

Estrelinha /Spain/ SSAA

Demo vocal

Ninna nanna /Siciliy/ - SSAA

Demo vocal

Divane Aşık Gibi /Turkey/ SSAA

Demo midi

Heyamo /Turkey/ SSAA

Demo vocal

Chorado /Brazil/ SSAA

Demo vocal

Eye Adaba /Nigeria/ SSAA

Demo vocal

Hena Masa Waya /Maluku/ SSAA / SSAT

Demo midi SSAA

Maria le sette spade /Corsica/ - SSAA / SSATB

Demo vocal

Adieu paure carnavas /France/ SSAA

Demo vocal

Aremu /Italy/ - SSAA  / SSATB

Demo vocal SSAA

Gula Gula /Sami/ - SSAA

Demo vocal

Silemano /Kurdistan/ SSAA

Demo vocal (fragment)

Rie y Llora /Cuba/ SSATB

Demo midi

Taunet Nelel /Kenia/ SSAA

Demo midi

Lullaby Dieu Dee /Vietnam/ SSAA

Demo vocal

Ai solidom /Portugal/ - SSAA / SSAT

Demo midi

Tirioni /Portugal/ - SSAA

Demo midi

Suvetar /Finland/SSAA & SATB

Demo vocal SSAA

Maamo /Finland/ - SSAA / SSAB

Demo vocal

Ez kevok im /Kurdistan/ SSAA

Demo vocal

Gede Nibo /Haiti/ SSAA

Demo midi

Grammah Easter's lullaby /Native American/

Demo midi SSAA


Gipsy songs from Hungary, Romania, Russia, Czech Republic, Bosnia, Macedonia, Greece etc.

Click on the voices group (SSAA or SATB) to see a fragment of the score.     

Kaj o bergi...  Where are the mountains

Russian Roma  SSA & SATB

demo midi

Mori shej Szabina  My daughter Sabina

Hungarian Roma  SSAA & SATB

demo midi

Ashun daje mori  Listen to me, mother

Bosnian Roma  SSAA & SATB

demo midi

Nash balamo  Go away, stranger

Greek Roma  SSAA & SATB

demo midi

Pilem pilem.  I drink, I drink

Hungarian Roma  SAT 

demo midi

Ruchejok  Little stream

Russian Roma  SSAASATB

demo midi

Ke le luludja barol  The flowers bloom

Hungarian Roma  SSA

demo midi

Dorule, dorule  Longing, longing

Romenian Roma  SSA & SAT

demo midi

Solnyshko  The sun

Russian Roma  SSAA & SSATB

demo vocal

Kaj jone, Romale?  Where are they, the Roma?

Russian Roma  SSAA & SSAT

demo midi

Shej baxtali  Lucky girl

Hungarian Roma  SSA & SATB

demo midi

Dumbala dumba 

Romenian Roma  SSA

demo midi

La Romnjasa Gipsy girl

Hungarian Roma  SA

demo midi


Traditional songs from different regions of Russia

Click on the voices group - SSAA or SATB - to see a fragment of the score.    

Russian Lullaby    SSAA  & SATB

demo vocal

Chorny voron  Black raven  SSA

demo vocal

Oj sa vechora  The last night    SSAA

demo midi

Wedding song  SSAA 

demo vocal

Svjaty vecher  Holy Night    SATB & SSAA

demo vocal

Devka po sadu hodila  A girl in the garden SSA

demo midi

Rechenjka  River   SSAA

demo midi

Nochenjka  The night    SSAA

demo vocal

Kumushki  Girtlfriends   SSAA

demo vocal

Ivushki  Willows    SSAB

demo midi

Senokosnyje luga  Harvest meadows   SSA

demo vocal

Mnje segodnjashnyi djenj Today I am bored SSA

demo midi

Koni  Horses    SSAA

demo vocal

Krasnyj sarafan  Red wedding dress SSAA

demo midi

Rabina  Rowan  SA   

demo midi

Zarja moja  My dawn    SSAB

demo vocal

Vjun   Bindweed     SSAA   

demo vocal


Songs from Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Bosnia, Macedonia, Poland etc

Click on the voices group - SSAA or SATB - to see a fragment of the score.

Tuman Jarom  Fogg in the valley

Ukraine  SSAA

Demo vocal

Nese Gala vodu  Gala carried water

Ukraine  SSAA 

Demo vocal

Rajka v gradina  Rajka in the garden

Bulgaria  SSAA

Demo midi

Tajela som, tajela  I kept a secret...

Slovakia  SSAA

Demo vocal

Joc de leagane  Cradle dance...

Romania  SSAA / SSATB

Demo vocal

Schedrik The generous one

Ukraine  SSAA

Demo vocal

Da zna Zora  If the Dawn new

Bosnia  SSAA

Demo vocal

Ptichka  A bird

Bulgaria    SSAA 

Demo vocal

Cula je sam  I have heard...

Croatia  SSAA

Demo midi

Chodzila dziewczyna  A girl was walking...

Poland  SSAA

Demo midi

Oj ja znaju   Oh,I know...

Ukraine SSA

Demo midi

Byla cesta   There was a road...

Moravia  SSAA

Demo vocal

More sokol pije  A falcon drinks...

Macedonia    SSAA

Demo vocal

Dorule, dorule  Longing, longing..

Romania  SAA / SAT

Demo midi

Gyöngyvirág  Lilly of the valley

Hungaria  SSAA

Demo midi


Traditional winter season songs from different countries

Click on the voices group - SSAA or SATB - to see a fragment of the score

Glory to the newborn king  (England)

Voices: SSAA    Demo vocal:

Svjaty vjecher The holy night (Russia)

Voices SSAA    Demo vocal:

Schedrik The plentiful one  (Ukraine)

Voices: SSAA    Demo vocal

Shto to za predivo  What a wonder (Russia)

Voices: SATB    Audioscore:

Nova radist  New joy (Ukraine)

Voices: SSAT   Audioscore:

Zamci se Bozja majka 

The mother of God  (Bulgaria)

Voices: SATB   Audioscore:

Birjina Gaztettobat Zegogen (Basque/English) (The Angel Gabriel...)

Voices: SSAA en SATB

Koja mi zvjezda  What star... (Macedonia)

Voices: SSAA & SSATB    Audioscore:

Angely v njebe  Angels in heaven (Russia)

Voices: SSATB  Audioscore:

Izniknalo edno dŭrvo 

There grew a tree (Bulgaria)

Voices: SATB   Audioscore:

A v Jerusalime  In Jerusalem (Russia)

Voices: SSATB   Audioscore:

Kondak Rozhdestva 

Christmas Kondakion (Bulgaria)

Voices: SSATB   Audioscore


Nanita Nana (Spain) (Little night)

Voices: SATB   Audioscore:



Songs on the texts of William Shakespeare, Moliere, William Blake, Francoise Villon, Gertrude Stein etc.

all the scores are available

Live with me and be my love

And we all the pleasures prove

And if these pleasures make thee move

Then live with me and be my love...

Be my love 

Based on 'The Passionate Pilgrim'

It was a lover and his lass

With a hey, and a ho, and a hey nonino,

That o’er the green cornfield did pass,

In springtime, the only pretty ring time,

When birds do sing, hey ding a ding, ding;

Sweet lovers love the spring...

Lover and his lass

'As you like it'- act 5 scene 3

Full fathom five thy father lies;

Of his bones are coral made;

Those are pearls that were his eyes:

Nothing of him that doth fade...

Full fathom five

'The Tempest'- act 1 scene 2

Under the greenwood tree

Who loves to lie with me,

And turn his merry note

Unto the sweet bird's throat,

Come hither, come hither...

Under a greenwood tree 

'As you like it'- act 2 scene 5

The poor soul sat sighing by a sycamore tree,

Sing willow, willow, willow.

Her hand on her bosom, her head on her knee,
Sing willow, willow, willow...

Sing willow

'Othello'- act 4 scene 3

Honor, riches, marriage, blessing,

Long continuance, and increasing,

Hourly joys be still upon you.

Juno sings her blessings on you

Blessing song

The Tempest'- act 4 scene 1

Where the bee sucks, there suck I.

In a cowslip’s bell I lie.

There I couch when owls do cry.

On the bat’s back I do fly

After summer merrily, merrily shall I live now

Under the blossom that hangs on the bough.

Where the bee sucks

'The Tempest'- act 5 scene 1

The lark at heaven's gate does sing

And winking Mary-buds begin 

To open their golden eyes.

If in your sleep you living miss

With every thing that pretty is,

My lady sweet, arise...

The lark song

based on 'Cymbeline'- act 2 scene 2

The master, the swabber, the boatswain and I,
The gunner and his mate
Loved Mall, Meg and Marian and Margery,
But none of us cared for Kate;

The master, the swabber...

'The Tempest'- act 2 scene 2

Take, O, take those lips away,   

That so sweetly were forsworn;   

And those eyes, the break of day,   

Lights that do mislead the morn:  

But my kisses bring again,

Seals of love, but sealed in vain

Seals of love

Measure for measure'- act 4 scene 1

While you here do snoring lie,

Open-eyed conspiracy

His time doth take.

If of life you keep a care,

Shake off slumber and beware.

Awake, awake!


The Tempest'- act 2 scene 1

Come our lovely lady nigh;
So, good night, with lullaby.

Philomel, with melody
Sing in our sweet lullaby;

Lulla, lulla, lullaby, lulla, lulla, lullaby:
Never harm, nor spell nor charm..


A Midsummer Night's Dream'

act 2 scene 2

O mistress mine, where are you roaming?

O, stay and hear! Your true love’s coming,

That can sing both high and low:

Trip no further, pretty sweeting.

Journeys end in lovers meeting,

Every wise man’s son doth know...

Oh, mistress mine...

'Twelfth Night'- act 2 scene 3

Songs on the texts of  William Blake,  Francoise Villon,  Jean-Baptist Molière,  Alexander Pushkin

Love seeketh not itself to please,

Nor for itself hath any care,

But for another gives its ease,

And builds a Heaven in Hell's despair.

Heaven & Hell...

William Blake

Little Fly
Thy summers play,
My thoughtless hand
Has brush'd away.

Am I not a fly like thee?
Or art not thou a man like me?

Little fly

William Blake

I Dreamt a Dream! what can it mean?
I dreamt that I was a maiden Queen:
Guarded by an Angel mild:
Witless woe, was ne'er beguil'd!


William Blake

So rough the goat wil schratch, it can not sleep
So often a pot goes to the well, that it breaks
So good is a man as is his praise
So loud you cry, that Christmas comes

Ballade of comparissons

Francoise Villon

Buvons chers amis, buvons,

Le temps qui fuit nous y convie ;

Profitons de la vie

Autant que nous pouvons...

Buvons chers amis

Jean-Baptist Molière

Marquise si mon visage

A quelques traits un peu vieux,

Souvenez-vous qu’à mon âge

Vous ne vaudrez guère mieux…

Marquise si mon visage

Jean-Baptist Molière

Once in this our country

Peace and plenty rules

Once upon a Sunday

Holy Church was filled....

Once in our country

Alexander Pushkin

Original Russian songs. Modern folk

Songs, written on the texts of traditional Russian rituals

all the scores are available

Oh, you winds, midday breeses

Alilei ljoli loli, alilei ljoli ljoli

Don't blow so hard,

don't disturs the blue sea....

Spring song

A gray dove has a golden head

A gray she-dove has a guided head,

Embroidered with silk...

Wedding song

It is not a beautiful dove

that walks in the room

and sheds her white feathers...

Wedding lament

There walks a Count

He leads his Countess

God bless them...

Wedding procession

The Crescent followed the Dawn

He asked her to go with him:

Let's go to look for God,

Holy evening...

Christmas song